Professional Car Detailing in Northern Ireland

Professional Car Detailing in Northern Ireland

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At DC Automotive Care we take pride in offering professional car restoration services from detailing, valeting, ceramic coating, paint correction and machine polishing in Northern Ireland.

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What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing involves a comprehensive cleaning of your car’s exterior using specialised tools and techniques. It aims to restore your car’s original appearance and protect its delicate components. Read more to discover what happens when you entrust your car to a detailing professional. Or read our recent article covering the importance of car detailing.

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Car Detailing is Important to Your Vehicles Value

Professional car detailing is a vital annual service that helps preserve your vehicle’s value and keeps it in optimal condition. After car detailing, your car will look as good as new providing additional benefits that enhance its overall appeal. Additional benefits are covered below.

Car Exterior Detailing

Our meticulous exterior detailing process includes a thorough wash of the body, wheels, mirrors, windows, exhaust tips, and lights. The vehicle is then inspected with detailing lights & paint depth gauge to access condition. The paint is polished to restore its original shine and then waxed to protect it and maintain its glossy finish with the option of upgrading to a ceramic coating. Finishing off with trim and wheel dressing. This process also addresses, stains, and scratches on the body and wheels.

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Why Choose a Professional Detailer

Discover the power of professional auto detailing and the impact it can have on both your car and your image. As the famous motorists’ saying goes, “your car is an extension of yourself” Neglecting proper maintenance can leave a negative impression. This is why opting for a professional auto detailing service is a sure-fire win. Not only does it breathe new life into your car, but it also enhances your overall image. With our skilled professionals, experience unparalleled expertise, meticulous cleaning, restoration, and protection for your vehicle.

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